Empowered: Marie Peeva

Women have been making history for centuries and continue to do so. For some of them though, this is the only choice they have. For the women with disabilities, it is either to live the way others expected them to live or to fight for the life they know they deserve.

In this column I will introduce you to the lives and work of several women with disabilities who are leaving a mark, regardless of the difficulties and the discrimination they face every day.

The first guest in this series is one of Stray Sheep’s deaf sigh language teachers – Marie Peeva.

She lives in Belgium, studies remotely at New Bulgarian University, works as a project manager, listens to R&B and practices yoga.

In the video you’ll learn about the difficulties that she is (not) facing in her professional and personal development, the perks of living with hearing impairment, as well as the people who inspire her.

Translation: Boris Bundev – Co-founder Stray Sheep