"Kapana Fest" is a guest at the State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv

The favorite of Plovdiv residents and guests of the city "Kapana Fest" 2022 this year will welcome us from 23 to 26 June at its new location - the overpass on Gladstone Street, between the Municipality of Plovdiv and Tsar Simeon's Garden. The "Trap" stage will be right next to the ancient Odeon of Philippopolis and will certainly guarantee an unforgettable musical experience.

During the festival, we will enjoy as always refreshing drinks, cocktails, street food offers, as well as the emblematic decoration typical of "Kapana Fest", bar and lounge areas, lots of greenery, and the largest so far Bazaar "Kapana" with 110 the participant with organic and natural foods, beverages and cosmetics, author's products, fashion brands, artists, jewelers, potters, carpenters, craftsmen, and designers.

To delight even the youngest visitors, the organizers of "Kapana Fest", together with the State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv will give 160 children the opportunity to attend two free puppet shows.

On June 24 from 18:00 we will watch "Fairytale Mess", and on June 26 from 18:00 "Chuk and Puck". You can get a free ticket for each of the two performances from the box office of the Puppet Theater on the day of the performance.

"Fairytale Mess" is directed by Sonya Boteva. The set designer is Angelina Yanakieva. The actors Natalia Vasileva, Mihaela Andonova / Evdokia Encheva, Sonya Boteva / Daniela Ruseva take part. Does the show tell in an interesting and fun way about what it is like to be a student in the land of letters and your teacher to be the best storyteller? What will happen if someone jumps into the river of words without knowing the letters and without being able to read?

What will happen if the source of knowledge dries up and will the children be able to cope with the difficult tasks to recreate the world whole and complete?

"Fairytale Mess" is a fun educational program for preschoolers and first graders, in which three magical fairies, along with children, will help the otter Charlie to learn the letters and learn to read.

"Chuk and Puck" is a fun educational show that will help children discover various important secrets about teeth! Recommended age - over 3 years. The director is Stoyan Angelov. The scenography is the work of Diana Uzunova. Music - Gergana Vasileva. Participants: Natalia Vasileva, Mihaela Andonova, Emilia Kopcheva, Alexander Karamanov, Rumen Karamanov, Maria Atanasova.