Code – the shop

Code has been on the Plovdiv fashion scene for 25 years now. A grown up kid, the child of Diana Yurukova, who absolutely adores her job. The concept of the shop has always been to offer a diverse collection of women’s fashion, apparel and accessories to match. It is a wide selection of casual and chic style, although due to the pandemic the chic collection has sort of shrunk, but not for long. We are sure that not everyone has gone through such a radical change in their style that they suddenly look like a different person. They have been waiting for the right time to refresh their chic look. You can head out now, the moment has come, spring is here to stay and the stage is waiting for you.

Like we said, Diana loves her job and is happy to dress you from head to toe to show you the best way the clothes work for you. Here you will find many natural fabrics such as viscose and cotton. Keep an eye for end of season sales!

Code store is located at “Rayko Daskalov” 23


Photo: Maria Matveeva