10 Veggie Friendly Restaurants to Dine in Plovdiv

10 Veggie Friendly Restaurants to Dine in Plovdiv

We give you 10 veggie restaurants in Plovdiv that are worth a visit. Or this is how this article should have been titled. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find 10 places. There are plenty of restaurants in Plovdiv, but the vegetarian foodies are not given much choice. The most popular locations in the city are famous for greasy burgers, sophisticated steaks, or fresh fish, where a vegetarians’ best friend still is the salad or grilled vegetables. The majority of menus do feature vegetarian food, which is not always as tasty and is rarely anything out of the ordinary that would be worth going to a restaurant for. In the few places that cook really good vegetarian dishes, the choice still is down to 1 or 2 options. It gets even tougher for vegan people. Not only is the choice very restricted but there is a myriad of questions we must ask the waiters. A lot of menus don’t mention things like “butter-fried”, “egg drop” or “topped with parmesan”. So your order feels like an awkward exam which usually includes a written note to the chef to exclude some of the ingredients. In most cases our wish for a delicious dinner out is just a fantasy, but

In any case, we have a few suggestions that won’t disappoint.


First on the list is probably the most famous 100% vegan restaurant in Plovdiv – Veggic. Located in our beloved area of Kapana their menu has it all from starters to delicious salads to tortillas, traditional dishes with a vegan twist, and plenty of homemade desserts. They also do a rich and varied lunch menu with specials that are not on the standard menu. Everything is freshly cooked with hand-selected ingredients, some of the delicacies they make themselves, like the vegan flat sausage (lukanka).

The Green Lemon 

The Green Lemon is another popular vegan place. Their menu changes every day and unlike Veggic, they only do lunch, which sells out pretty fast so don’t hesitate for too long. They usually offer a few traditional dishes as well as some more contemporary recipes and dessert. Be sure to try their homemade soda bread!

Lebanese Restaurant Mayriges

The restaurant is a fusion of Lebanese and Armenian cuisine. Although it is not entirely vegetarian, there is a very good choice of vegetarian and vegan food. If you visit, don’t miss the vospi soup – a red lentil soup, of course, the traditional falafel, bulgur Mayriges, and the traditional vegetarian moussaka. You won’t be disappointed.

Dominos and Pizza Lab

It may seem strange, but nobody said that vegans don’t like junk food. Actually, pizza chefs might have been the first ones to introduce vegan alternatives in their menus. At first glance it looks like Domino’s has only one vegan option, but if you order one of the vegetarian pizzas you can swap the mozzarella for a vegan one. The vegetarian options are 5 in total. And of course just like at Pizza Lab you can still choose to “do it yourself”, which makes your options endless.


One more restaurant which is not entirely vegetarian, but with pretty good vegetarian meals on offer. They are the newest brunch addition to Kapana, and except for the staples like salads, there are omelets and a few types of toast, which are great for vegetarians and vegans.

Other restaurants that serve pretty good vegetarian or vegan meals are ArtiShock (transcribes to Artichoke), Little Paris, Osteria Rosmarino, Pavaj, and Smokini. Unfortunately, they don’t serve that many meat-free dishes and don’t qualify for our veggie-friendly list, but each of these restaurants offers 1 or 2 things that are definitely worth trying.