We welcome the summer with the 12th edition of the festival "Kapana Fest"

Kapana Fest 2022 is comming soon! This year we will welcome you with refreshing drinks in a new unusual location - the overpass over Gladstone Street. 

We will start with our stage "Trap", which will be right next to the ancient Odeon of Philippopolis and will guarantee an unforgettable musical experience. Together with LALALAR (Turkey), Phuture Shock, Kan Wakan, and REVERIE (USA) we will add a fantastic soundtrack to the beauty of Plovdiv, for which we will be helped by: Tony A, Les Animaux Sauvages, Stefan Skill Kolev, Visitor Yan Q, Selector Stiliyan, JiJo, DJ TODD, Fingertone & Malik, ELEN, Bloodrush, Clavexperience, Gena and our special guests DreCat & Sage One the Wise (U.S.A).

On June 24 there will be a special Friday night A Night for Boogie, dedicated to Yordan Stavrev - Beer a.k.a  Ramsey Hercules. He was one of the most colorful heroes of the capital, a music lover, a collector of gramophone records, and a producer of music. In his memory, together with his band Phuture Shock and trusted friends by vocation DJ Skill, Visitor Q, selector Stiliyan, DJ Todd, and Jijo we will create an unusual party, which will be followed by many other surprises.

During the festival, we will enjoy refreshing drinks, cocktails, and street food, as well as the emblematic decoration of Kapana Fest, bar and lounge areas, lots of greenery and the largest so far Bazaar "Kapana". This time it will be attended by 110 participants with organic and natural foods, beverages and cosmetics, designer products, fashion brands, artists, jewelers, potters, carpenters, craftsmen, and designers.

For your convenience, you will be able to pay contactless at each of the market stands. All this will be spiced up with a fresh musical selection thanks to Stefan Skill Kolev (DJ Skill) and soul-filling greenery. We will do our best to make this universal entertainment meaningful because together with the Night of the Angels we will direct your attention to something that will make us better and more significant, namely the opportunity to help a child and his parents in need. We invite all our visitors and participants to actively join the group Together for Teddy, and we will soon tell you in detail how you can still help! There will be a lot to see and tell because Kapana Fest 2022 will be unforgettable and full of surprises.

To bring joy to even the youngest visitors of "Kapana Fest", together with the State Puppet Theater Plovdiv, we will give 160 children the opportunity to attend two free performances: "Hammer and Puck" - on June 24 from 18:00 and "Fairy Tales" Mess ”on June 26 from 18:00. Free coupons will be given at the box office of the Plovdiv Puppet Theater on the day of the performances.

The full program of the music scene "Trap" can be seen here:

The event is supported by the Municipality of Plovdiv and is part of the Cultural Calendar of the city for 2022. For more information: