The program of "Art Stream" 2022 is already here, check it out and plan an unforgettable party at sea, art good music

In the summer of 2022, culture and the arts will once again find their haven on the beach in Tsarevo and Lozenets. The good news was announced at a press conference on May 5 in Sofia by the creative director of Art Stream Stefan Bozhkov and the initiator of the form and owner of Hacienda Beach Dimitar Todoranov. Traditionally, the festival will offer its guests a whole range of interesting events, including theater productions, exhibitions, concerts, literary premieres, storytelling, film screenings, and even a networking meeting for entrepreneurs. An ideal occasion for planning a vacation for the sea + art.

Views from Hasienda Beach, Lozenets

At the special press conference, another occasion was announced to turn Lozenets into your sea destination this summer. At the initiative of Stefan Bozhkov, Dimitar Todoranov, and Hannes Pefler, the first edition of a new festival with the iconic and revealing name "Jazz" started this summer. The project, which will close the main street of Lozenets and will color the sea and the summer sky with warm jazz on the weekend from June 24 to 26 inclusive, will be with the participation of Beloslava, Zhivko Petrov, Mitko Karamfilov and other big names from the Bulgarian music scene. The project promises a truly fascinating experience under the summer starry sky, surrounded by wonderful music.

The municipality of Tsarevo provides irreplaceable support for both events.

Music lovers have another reason to rejoice. This summer on Hacienda Beach music will be played by world DJs such as the Spanish model and close friend of Rafael Nadal - Christina Tosio, as well as Natema, David Tort, Eric Hagelton, Federico Scavo, Friespirit, and others. Another reason to include Tsarevo and Lozenets in your plans for summer 2022.





19:00 Gallery of the Historical Museum, Tsarevo - Opening of the II International Exhibition "Elephant", presenting about 30 works by visual artists and artists, including young talents, established names, and artists living abroad. Participants in the cast will include French actor, model, and sculptor Paul Ami, nominated for a Cesar Award for his first film role in 2013's Suzanne, who played alongside Gerard Depardieu in Stalin's Sofa (2016). .).


21:00 Chitalishte "G. Kondolov ”, Tsarevo -“ The Merry Carriage ”by Elin Rakhnev, directed by Elin Rakhnev, with the participation of: Dimitar Banenkin, Toncho Tokmakchiev, Maya Bezhanska, Nikoleta Malcheva, Dobriela Popova, Stelian Nikolov, Emanuil Kostadinov and Dimitar


Gypsy Bar, Central Beach, Lozenets - Ivo Siromahov presents the novel "The Singer Takes Power", published by Ciela

21:00 Chitalishte "G. Kondolov ", Tsarevo -" Not for the phone "by Lisa Shopova and Elin Rakhnev, directed by Lisa Shopova, one-man show by Hristo Shopov

Hacienda Beach, Lozenets - NFT exhibition


21:00 Chitalishte "G. Kondolov ", Tsarevo -" Jimmy with the white T-shirt "by Lyudmila Slaneva, director: Emil Bonev, starring: Lyudmila Slaneva and Tasho Kolev (JEREMY?)


21:00 Chitalishte "G. Kondolov ”, Tsarevo ––“ Free Falling Stories ”, storytelling show by Maria Kasimova-Moase


By The Way, Lozenets - Maria Laleva presents her novel The Solitaire of the Archangels, Knigomania Publishing House


"Gypsy" Bar, Central Beach, Lozenets - Georgi Toshev presents the second supplemented edition of the biographical book about Georgi Parcalev - "Hamlet from Levski", "Knigomania" publishing house and a screening of the documentary "The Knight of Laughter"


By The Wey, Lozenets - Ivaylo Noisy Tsvetkov reads excerpts from his future book


Gypsy Bar, Central Beach, Lozenets - "Design of Things" - mini-conference, Chain Block on the beach, Silicon Drinkabout - networking for entrepreneurs

By The Wey, Lozenets - Yana Borisova presents her new book, Knigomania Publishing House

21:00 Chitalishte "G. Kondolov ”, Tsarevo –-“ My husband is guilty ”by Lisa Shopova, with the participation of: Silvia Lulcheva


21:00 Chitalishte "G. Kondolov ", Tsarevo -" Friday the 13th "by Jean-Pierre Martinez, director: Georgi Kadurin, starring: Maria Sapundjieva, Hristo Garbov and Mariana Milanova


21:00 Chitalishte "G. Kondolov ”, Tsarevo -“ Cry of an Angel ”by Stefan Tsanev, director: Stoyan Radev, a one-man show by Hristo Mutafchiev


The organizers reserve the right to change the program.

Do not miss the opportunity to combine the sea with interesting cultural and musical events from the contemporary Bulgarian art scene. "Jazz" with the participation of Beloslava, Mitko Karamfilov, Zhivko Petrov, and the special participation of students of Misho Yosifov from the Academy of Music, invites you to the sea from 24 to 26 June inclusive. Next is "Art Stream", offering numerous interesting meetings with the arts from 14 to 24 July. "Welcome to the festivals, they are for you, Your Majesty's audience." - invites the creative director of "Art Stream" and "Jazz" - the artist Stefan Bozhkov. "The artists, Tsarevo and Lozenets are waiting for you!"