The city pulsates with the Plovdiv Vibes festival

Plovdiv Vibes 2022 starts this Friday (June 17)! The festival, part of the Cultural Calendar of the city of Plovdiv, is synergistic, a complex of cultural and entertainment content in various forms and formats (music, dance, applied and performing arts, art, etc.).

The main location of Plovdiv Vibes 2022 is the newly built area for outdoor events Plovdiv Stage Park at the foot of Youth Hill, where during the 10 days of the festival will be held numerous concerts, theater performances, dance performances, workshops, and workshops.

Plovdiv Vibes also covers various peripheral areas of the city, stimulating cultural events in the parks: Lauta and Ribnitsa; The hills: Bunardzhik and Mladezhki; Rowing base. In areas outside the central part of the city, the audience will engage in various creative and entertainment activities. During the week, everyone will be able to participate in outdoor training and sports activities that will be held at the Rowing Base. They will be carried out in partnership with instructors and coaches from the sports complex "Strength".

Bunardjika Hill will host creative workshops and demonstrations of various traditional crafts, presented by established masters in the field, which will allow generations to experience authentic techniques. "City Adventures" will be held on the territory of Lauta Park, and the team of Emergency Rescue - Plovdiv will demonstrate the provision of First Aid. The open stage of Ribnitsa Park is becoming a territory of theater and laughter, and during the festival, the residents of the North Region will be able to visit Stand Up Comedy.

We give a boost to the festival with a rich music program. At the Vibrant Stage at the foot of Youth Hill, the audience will hear favorite DJs, bands, and artists: Denitza, Elen - Melformator, PROGG, INDY, Axel, Le Push, Weirdo. During the festival, the stage also hosts theater productions for children and adults, sketches, short films, acting workshops, presentations, and open lessons from dance schools, Zumba, and yoga. The area is also home to various creative workshops for young and old, Quest Games - family games, composting lecture and paper recycling workshop, lecture, and discussion - civil society, culinary demonstrations, and exhibitions. We have 10 days ahead of us, filled with cultural content and artistry. Detailed information, the audience can find on the Facebook page of the event: Plovdiv Vibes 2022, and on the website of the organizers: www. incubator.bg

Detailed information about the event:

Plovdiv Vibes is a format aimed at a wide range of inhomogeneous audiences in terms of composition and characteristics and provides an opportunity for the expression of both young and established artists. The concept of the project is based on the idea of ​​"bringing" art and culture "closer to people", incl. - through their physical "delivery" within their micro-communities by "outsourcing" the events outside the city center and positioning them in different parts of Plovdiv. The festival creates an opportunity not only for greater accessibility but also for rethinking the underutilized urban spaces and their surrounding natural and historical features as a kind of creative hubs and stages for performance. Plovdiv Vibes is part of the Cultural Calendar of Plovdiv 2022.