Exhibition "Architectonics" by Stanimir Videv

At the beginning of the summer, Stanimir Videv opened his ninth exhibition at the Aspect Gallery, continuing with it the theme "Architectonics", which he has been developing recently. The term architectonics (from the Greek archi, main and tektoniké, construction) in art is used to denote the set of elements that make up work and through them, unity is formed between content and form - a relationship between its components. The architectonics is the general construction of the work, whether we are talking about painting, music, or literature, and in the paintings of Stanimir Videv, it combines original compositional solutions, the harmony of complex colors, and expressiveness of expression.

In the present exhibition are presented about twenty paintings, most of which are painted specifically for the space of Aspect, united not only by the theme of architecture but also by the great love of Stanimir, his native Plovdiv. "The theme that excited me about the paintings in this exhibition is my favorite city with its architecture, radiance, tonality, and silhouettes. The silhouettes I see in front of me every day as I walk the city streets. 

The silhouettes of people who wear different moods and states. The silhouettes of the houses, which change incredibly depending on the sun's rays, cloudy weather, rain or are illuminated by the moonlight… "- shares the artist. the bright Plovdiv sun facades in the "South City". Of course, there is also the obligatory for each exhibition of Stanimir painting "March", as well as several figural compositions that complement and diversify the exhibition. In the exhibition the expression is taken to the extreme, sustained in a mostly dark range, the paintings have an ultimate and definite effect, leaving no one indifferent. Delayed several times, this exhibition is suffered by the artist, that's why the impact is so strong, each picture is loaded with a lot of emotion, expressiveness, and creative power.

The opening of the exhibition is on June 29, Wednesday, at 6.30 pm and the paintings will be on view in the gallery until July 15.

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