Kapana Bazaar with a charity in support of 28-year-old Petyo, who needs a life-saving transplant

There is one day left until the beginning of "Kapana Fest" 2022, which this year will welcome us from 23 to 26 June at its new location - the overpass on Gladstone Street. The "Kapana" stage will surely guarantee an unforgettable musical experience and as always during the festival we will enjoy refreshing drinks, cocktails, street food offers, as well as the emblematic decoration typical of "Kapana Fest", bar and lounge areas. lots of greenery and the largest so far Kapana Bazaar with 110 participants. They will present organic and natural foods, beverages and cosmetics, designer products, fashion brands, artists, jewelers, potters, carpenters, craftsmen and designers.

There will be a charity stand at the Trap Bazaar in support of a young boy in his struggle for life. All funds raised from sales of this stand and donation boxes during the bazaar will be in his support.

Here is what the organizers of the charity initiative say:

Petar Krachev needs an urgent kidney transplant in Turkey, but the sum of € 22,000 is unaffordable for him and his family. Fifth is only 28 years old and until a year ago he lived a completely normal life - he played football, went to work, went out with friends. However, until the moment when he does not start to get pain and swelling in the limbs and after a long wandering around the doctors, it is established that he has a serious kidney disease, which is in a very advanced stage and they refuse to function. This forced Petyo to urgently go on hemodialysis to continue living. As a result of the procedures, unfortunately, he constantly gets various side effects, as hemodialysis helps to replace kidney function, but at the same time damages the whole body.

At the moment, for the 8th month now, Petyo is going on life-sustaining hemodialysis 4 days a week and at the same time he continues to work so that he can support himself, because unfortunately he lost his parents some time ago and has to manage on his own. difficult situation for him. The only support he has is from his sister, who is ready to become his donor so that Petyo can continue his life normally.His colleagues from the South Breath Italian Restaurant restaurant contacted us because they want us to lend a hand to Petyo and him to continue his life. However, € 22,000 is needed for this young boy to start living a normal life again, to continue playing sports and doing everything he loves! We know and believe that with YOUR support we will be able to raise the necessary funds very quickly.

You can support Petyo by buying something from our charity bazaar from June 23rd to 26th or by making a donation to the bank account of "Night of the Angels", which you can see in the photo! "