"Spiritual routes in Plovdiv 2022" this Saturday tells the story of amazing "houses on a corner without a right angle"

Letera Publishing House invites Plovdiv residents and guests to the fourth exciting journey through the jungles of our city, full of culture, and history and presented in a fascinating story from the series "Spiritual Routes in Plovdiv 2022".

This year the project is carried out in two stages - in June and September-October and this is the last route of the first part. "Spiritual routes in Plovdiv 2022" is funded by the Municipality of Plovdiv and is part of the Cultural Calendar of the city.

The fourth route is entitled "Houses on a corner without a right angle" and you can join it on June 25, 2022, Saturday, at 11:00, the meeting point is the garden on the boulevard "Russian", opposite the street " Gen. Danail Nikolaev ". The leader in this journey will be Teodor Karakolev, art historian, and guest - Yavor Berov, photographer.

During the tour we will talk about interesting facts, stories, and interesting details about the following houses: 67 Ruski Blvd., 75; Avksentiy Veleshki Street № 15, № 33; "King Assen I" № 3, № 8; 13 Dr. GM Dimitrov Street.

Plovdiv received a modern urban scheme at the end of the XIX century with the work of architect Joseph Schnitter - straight streets, and rectangular neighborhoods replace the crooked alleys of the old Filibe. An interesting trend can be seen among many of the buildings built at the crossroads - the corner is beveled and so the curious phenomenon is obtained, called by the photographer Yavor Berov "Houses on a corner without a right angle". We will find out who built them, why, and when on a walk along Ruski Blvd. and the neighborhoods in the area.

The next routes in September and October are dedicated to the topics: of fine arts, literature, and history.