Ballet Studio "Buratino" celebrates 55 years with a performance "Shared Moments" at the House of Culture

On Sunday, June 26, 2022, from 19.00 on the stage of the House of Culture "Boris Hristov", Plovdiv Ballet Studio "Buratino" will celebrate 55 years since its inception.

Back in 1967, the initiator, organizer, inspirer, and first ballet teacher of the school was Rusalia Kirova, a soloist in the ballet of the Plovdiv Opera. Rusalia Kirova became the initiator and pedagogue of the first ballet classes at the Music School, today NUMTI "Dobrin Petkov" Plovdiv.

Since 1986, the school has been named Ballet Studio "Pinocchio", continuing the tradition to this day. An indispensable place for the dance performances of the school for 55 years is the stage of the House of Culture "Boris Hristov".

"Shared Moments" is the title of the performance, prepared by the Ballet Studio "Pinocchio" on the occasion of the important anniversary. The music is specially selected and includes works by Glinka, Gounod, Zimmer, Arlen to Georgi Andreev. The choreography is the work of Prof. Zhelka Tabakova and Dr. Bonka Matova.

"The show shares one love - real, beautiful, very playful, but also very happy! Buratino Ballet Studio wants to celebrate this love with the AUDIENCE. All students of the ballet school and guests - soloists participate. The concert will include many former students, as well as friends from the ensemble "Dilyanka" with artistic director Maria Kyoseva and Music Theater Plovdiv with artistic director and choreographer Niki Serafimov, winner of the Plovdiv Award 2022.

All of us will go on stage alone with our appearance, with our open faces with our already created name !. With your friends! We invite everyone - young and old from Plovdiv ", said on the occasion of the upcoming event Masha Ivanova, ballet teacher and artistic director of BS" Buratino ".

The performance "Shared Moments" is realized with the support of the Municipality of Plovdiv and is part of the Cultural Calendar of the city.