On April 28, the Plovdiv version of the Parisian "Salon des Refusés” exhibition opens doors at HighStreet Concept

On April 28, the Plovdiv version of the Parisian "Salon des Refusés” exhibition opens doors at High Street Concept. 

It is 2022. A post-pandemic, a time of war and economic crisis, the Self is learning to re-educate itself as a result of new realities. A group of nine 12th graders at Art High School shared their dreams, ideas, demons, and angels in their work and were "rejected" by the official selection for the annual exhibition, which the school traditionally organizes to present the works of its graduates. in front of an audience.

Tashak Art is an initiative that arose from the need for a group of 19-year-old artists to showcase their work despite their high school's jury's refusal to participate in the event. For them, this is the beginning is a riot against the conventional and a desire to manifest despite the system's barriers. "Institutions do not accept difference; we are not the first nor the last to create based on what is in their heads; we live in a very dynamic new era, and it appears absurd to reject us because of it. Some frameworks must be maintained, which is understandable, but for art, they should not exist and should not be imposed.” They share. 

The artistic world of young artists is marked by raging emotions, they transform not only their fears but also the beauty that surrounds them. Their artworks are not recognized by their educators, despite the desire and talent of students to present to the public the deep longings and worries of their inner peace. "The desire for self-presentation may come from a natural urge to reject everything that dominates the individual.”

Inspired by an exhibition held in Paris in 1863 under the name "Salon des Refusés", "Itchy Brain" is an exhibition that presents the disapproved - those who in the eyes of the institution have failed, but refuse to admit defeat and become truly inspirational. 

Please welcome o the official opening of the exhibition on April 28 at High Street Concept at Plovdiv, 17 Hristo G. Danov Str. From 19:00 with the special participation of Duende Dance Studio.