Something really cool is opening doors in our favorite Kapana!!!

As Plovdiv is known to be ancient and eternal, so is the Plovdiv heat is famous on its own merit.  That's why there is nothing more pleasant than a thick shadow while enjoying live music after work, with a glass of cold cocktail in hand and good company. We will expect exactly such hedonic experiences from the new concept "KAPANA HIGHSTREET".

The cobbled street sculpted by heavy vines brought together the enterprising owners of the local establishments such as bars and restaurants, with a common cause: "Abadjiyska" to become a cultural, musical, and modern evening center, constantly attracting more and more customers from Plovdiv and the world.

Armed with new ideas and a full cultural calendar for summer/autumn 2022, the hosts will offer a number of events to visitors in different areas of the street. The new team is ready to start the real party in Plovdiv!

In addition to music and themed dinners with dancing, bingo, and more, attendees will be able to enjoy a huge selection of cocktails, tapas, a selection of wines, hookah well-aged whiskey, or cold English gin and tonic.

To set this new beginning, the team behind KAPANA HIGHSTREET have prepared a wonderful evening for you, including live music by Edith and Georgi Zaykov and many other surprises. The party starts on June 30 from 20:00… and continues until the first snow falls!


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