The Voice Behind the Text: Nelly Lishkovska

The Voice Behind the Text: Nelly Lishkovska

In the new cultural series of Highstreet - The Voice Behind the Text - we will introduce you to the richness of Bulgarian contemporary literature up close. We will talk about the work and creativity of poets, writers, editors, but we will also read between the lines on a more personal level.

In the first part of the series our guest is Nelly Lishkovska - writer, essayist, literary and film critic. Described as the master of the metaphysical thriller, in her work she explores the mysterious corners of the human soul, as well as its evolution, through the prism of eternal life issues.

In my conversation with her, in addition to literature, we talk about metaphysics, the universe, writing as a creative and spiritual act, the balance between motherhood and career, the power of words, and how to write a whole novel in reverse.

Her first collection of short stories was published in 1998, and her last book with three verses, with the iconic title Predictions 2020, in 2019. Already a winner of several awards and distinctions, then, she said, ends her writing period. Then her creative path and philosophical pursuits took her deep into the field of cinematography.

With "The Voice Behind the Text" we start not only our new cultural series, but also our new podcast "High Opinion". You can now listen to this and our next episodes on Spotify here.

Nelly Lishkovska's books can also be found in Highstreet Concept Space.

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