Few days remain until the deadline for submission of documents under the program "Let's preserve TOGETHER Ancient Plovdiv"

The program will finance 6 projects of BGN 10,000 each. for privately owned buildings in the Old Town

There are only a few days left until the deadline (July 4, 2022) for submitting documents under the program "Let's preserve TOGETHER Ancient Plovdiv", which will finance initiatives for the conservation and restoration of facades and artistic elements of buildings, PRIVATE PROPERTY, located on the territory of RIA "Old Plovdiv".

A team of experts from the Old Plovdiv Primary School continues to give daily explanations on the terms of the program at the Office at 50 Konstantin Stoilov Street.

The program is a pilot for Plovdiv and the total amount of funding is BGN 60,000 - for 6 projects of BGN 10,000 each. Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and natural persons, who have reached the age of majority, who are owners of real estate falling within the territorial boundaries of RIA "Old Plovdiv" can apply. Owners whose properties are in co-ownership, including with the state and the municipality, as well as buildings or properties in condominiums, also have the right to apply, in case full consent of all owners has been reached.

Individuals who own several sites can receive design funding for each site that meets the requirements of the Program. Funding can be obtained only once for one site.

Activities related to the preparation of investment projects for conservation and restoration of facades and artistic elements of sites and their approval by the Ministry of Culture will be approved and financed on a competitive basis, including costs / administrative fees / for project coordination in accordance with with the Cultural Heritage Act.

Documents are accepted until 04.07.2022. in the Management of the Primary School "Old Plovdiv", 50 Konstantin Stoilov Str. every working day from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm

Documents can also be submitted electronically to the address: stargrad@oldplovdiv.bg, signed with the electronic signature of the applicant for funding, legal entities or legal entities.

The set of documents required for application are published on the website of OI "Old Plovdiv": http://oldplovdiv.bg/