After several years of fighting the pandemic, society appears to be on the mend. There has been a gradual awakening with the arrival of spring in the last few months. People feel liberated and ready to embark on a new way of life with Kovid. Our emotions are mirrored in the way we look. This is also demonstrated by the emerging trends for the spring/summer of 2022. 

One of the things we'll keep looking for after the pandemic is comfort. It will be difficult for us to break away from our comfortable home clothes after spending so much time at home. That is why we will incorporate them into our everyday clothing. That is why we will incorporate them into our everyday attire. Elastic knits and oversized outerwear that envelops us in comfort will become increasingly popular. Satin pajama suits will be worn more than just at home. They are frequently seen on city streets when paired with appropriate accessories. 

On cool evenings, fabrics like velvet, plush, and jeans will keep you warm. People are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly materials in their daily lives. Clothes that will last a long time, are of high quality and are multifunctional. We realized during Kovid that we don't need much to live a normal life, and many people may continue to live by this rule. They will look for brands in which they can make a good investment.

The new shopping trends will be deliberate, intentional, and practical. We are also consciously pursuing more environmentally friendly clothing brands that use recycled materials, as we have realized how easily our planet's future can be jeopardized.



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Cool Souls

During the pandemic, many people discovered new hobbies, such as knitting, ceramics, and painting, which are all non-digital techniques. That is why hand-knitted clothes, such as short knit tops, textured and rich tops, or sweaters with large open knits, are so popular right now. On cooler days in the summer, fishnet and transparent knitted sweaters or dresses will add lightness and warmth.

Lauren Giraldo wearing Melissa Ceciliano 

Low-waisted cargo pants from the early 2000s are making a comeback - the bigger, the better. They are both functional and comfortable, but they're still extremely fashionable, especially if they are in some nuances of life. This type of pants, which appear masculine and rough, is ideal when paired with a short crop top that reveals everything feminine. Mini blouses and bracelets are also popular in Y2K fashion, with ties that wrap around the body, glamorous details, or cut-out parts. Summer is approaching, and Kovid appears to be in the past, therefore the skin on display is never enough.

Dion Lee

This battle between minis and maxis will be seen in outerwear and skirts as well. Miniskirts and microminis (as shown by Miu Miu) are the clothes that women will either love or despise this summer. The mini garment is typically paired with something maxi, such as a maxi jacket, oversized sweater, or shirt. This effortless combination conveys a sense of carefreeness, as well as sex appeal and femininity. 


Miu Miu

The trend in accessories also varies from one extreme to the other, with micro and mini being at one end of the spectrum and maxi being at the other. Some of us are fans of mini-bags, which appear to be very impractical at first glance, but can actually fit everything you need and are very cute. The super-large tote bag bags will meet the needs of the other ladies who require more space.

Cool Souls
Jim Sanders
Bottega Venetta

The stripe and square in all their variations - large, colorful, fine lines - will undoubtedly be the prints of the summer. These patterns can be incorporated into both casual and business outfits. They will always draw attention, but they are also useful.


We have a wide range of trends to choose from, but my advice is always to have fun and experiment! Because life moves quickly and nothing is certain.