"Established artists from the twentieth century to the present" Painting, graphics, sculpture

City Art Gallery - Plovdiv invites you to the opening of the exhibition "Established artists from the XX century to today" - paintings, graphics, sculpture. The curator of the exhibition is Vanya Tringova.

Тhe opening is on June 28 at 18:00 in the "2019" Hall at 32 Gladstone Street.

The main goal of the exhibition "Established artists from the twentieth century to the present day" is to acquaint the audience with the deep layers of creative imagination, which provoke development in thinking and ways of expression of different generations from the middle of the last century to today. Our interest is focused on that spiritual impulse for creative freedom, which motivates the authors to change, to search, to explore.

It is no coincidence that artists from several generations are included in the exhibition and it is no coincidence that we have relied on stylistic diversity. The idea is to show that the desire for informal thinking and experimentation with means of expression is not only a priority of youth. The presented authors were born, raised and realized in different cities of the country, but they are united by the desire for development, search for provocation, courage and desire for innovative experiments. Even in the years when the fine arts were strongly subordinated to academicism, in Bulgaria there were many free-thinking and modern artists who sought to get closer to Western European artistic processes.

The exhibition also presents artists who in the late 60s of the last century began to turn to a more generalized imagery and boldly immerse themselves in the element of colors to offer a new aesthetic. All these processes received an even stronger impetus after the changes in socio-political life in the late 80's, which became a kind of catalyst for innovative ideas and rebellious manifestations, breaking the academic canon. At that time, all sorts of stylistic experiments began to unfold, enriching the panorama of visual art in Bulgaria.

The exhibition includes 17 authors who are presented with works bearing the marks of different creative periods. The time frame is very wide - from student works to works prepared especially for the specific exhibition.


  1. Alcek Mishev
  2. Atanas Zgalevski
  3. Vanko Urumov
  4. Rashidov's eyebrows
  5. Veselin Nachev
  6. Dimo Kolibarov
  7. Edmond Demirdjian
  8. Ziyatin Nuriev
  9. Ivaylo Mirchev
  10. Ivan Dimov
  11. Ivan Kirkov
  12. Ivan Ninov
  13. Kalina Taseva
  14. Kiril Mateev
  15. Kolyo Vitkovski
  16. Nikolai Yanakiev
  17. Chavdar Petrov